Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Renal Dialysis

This project was a complete demolition of 6,180 square feet of existing space with new construction to provide for a ten station Renal Dialysis Suite. This particular space was located above an operating Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and adjacent to the In-patient Rehabilitation Center. Medical Gas was installed with the tie-in occurring on another floor. A complete rework of the plumbing system was necessary to support the dialysis equipment. Adding to the difficulty and complexity of the project was the fact that the floor was a post-tension slab. The team used ultrasound technology partnered with carefully coordinated utilities so as to reduce new penetrations from fifty-seven to eighteen. The floor was completely sealed in order to reduce any opportunities for water spillage. In addition, Epoxy and welded sheet vinyl floors were also used to help contain any water making its way to the floor. Included in this project was a complete upgrade to the HVAC, Electrical, and Fire Alarm systems.