Phoebe Putney Central Energy Plant Expansion

The expansion required the existing space to double in size to house two additional 1200 ton units. The existing energy plant consisted of 6,975 square feet with an addition of 6,523 square feet for a total project size of 13,498 square feet. The expansion required the existing medical gas supply system, including oxygen and nitrous oxide storage and supply tanks, to be temporarily shut down. Phase one included the installation of a new oxygen and nitrous gas farm, plus all associated piping and infrastructure. Preparing for a system wide shut down of all medical gas service required incredible coordination with hospital staff. While preparing the medical gas lines we also installed a new 48″ chilled water supply with return piping. The building expansion included concrete slab and shallow footings for the structural steel frame to support the building, mezzanines, and cooling towers. After commissioning, a system wide shut down to transfer the chilled water supply took place after setting up temporary supplies to ensure operating facilities had adequate cooling in the event of an emergency. In addition, the Electrical switchgear, generator system, and existing fire pump were also replaced as part of this project.

*The construction of this facility was managed by our current Healthcare Division & SR VP/Director of Healthcare prior to joining Pellicano Construction.