Delivery Overview

Delivery Methods

General Contracting:
In some instances when price is the primary differentiator or the delivery method is mandated by a corporate or public entity to be openly bid, general contracting may be the Owner’s choice for project delivery. Another term for this method of project delivery is Design-Bid-Build where the design is complete and the owner expects the (GC) General Contractor to hold all contracts and deliver the work on a lump sum basis. Even under this delivery scenario Pellicano Construction involves both the design and ownership team in all decisions to foster the partnering relationship.


Construction Management:
This method typically optimizes value, quality, design and schedule while guaranteeing performance. Fees and general conditions are negotiated up front while working toward a maximum price based on preliminary documents, program requirements and the anticipated scope of the project. The Construction Manager ensures all trades are competitively bid and all bids are reviewed with the design and ownership team. Usually incentives are in place to complete the project under budget which can mean substantial savings to the owner or end user. This method ensures that the client receives the best possible price and quality from qualified subcontractors.


Design -Build:
When a client knows precisely what they want and the desire to fast track the project schedule, Design-Build could be the owners delivery preference. Price is usually fixed early with contingencies for both design and construction. Under this type of contract Pellicano Construction will act as the single point of contact with the owner and manage the project from the schematic level of design through project close out. This method streamlines the project facilitating a time and money saving experience.