4AB Patient Floor Renovations

The fourth floor Cardiovascular Patient Room Upgrades at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital included the complete demolition of the existing fourth floor patient rooms and clinical support space for upgrades and modernization. Additional patient isolation rooms to meet today’s standards were incorporated as well. Other upgrades included equipping each patient bed with medical gases (oxygen, medical air, and vacuum), replacing the twenty five year old mechanical system with energy efficient equipment, and replacing all plumbing fixtures. Life Safety upgrades included a new electrical system, repair of all fireproofing, fire sealing floor to ceiling penetrations, new fire alarm system, and fire sprinklers in all affected smoke compartments. The project consisted of multiple phases as required to decrease the loss of patient beds during renovation. With half the floor remaining occupied during construction, it was crucial to be sensitive to noise and infection control. To ensure and maintain Infection Control Standards, Pellicano used air machines, negative air rooms, and walk off mats and conducted Infection Control Risk Assessments. During this job, Pellicano conducted “Working in Healthcare Environments” training sessions for its employees.